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Start Time!


It's been brought to my attention there's a miss-print on the flyers about start time. All events will start at 8 30pm and the doors will open at 7 45pm subject to sound checks. We look to finish before 11 30pm.

28th January 2017


I've been asked whether we can fit dancing into the Blues Club. I would like some feed back from you to see what your views are.


One proposal is to have Milking The Blues start the evening with a short set before the booked guest artist/s perform.

At the end of the guests performance they would be joined on stage by Milking The Blues who would perform with the artist a 'House Song' (yet to be decided but a standard we all know and can join in with) and then carry on for half an hour allowing people to dance.


This would mean starting earlier (8 15pm ish) and finishing later (11 30pm)


What do you think?


You can make contact through the Contacts page!

12th May 2017


Tonight, we have the legendary Spike Drivers at the Con Club and as you know will be an amazing night.

We’ve had some trouble getting together a Milking The Blues House Band for support for this one so our wonderful Patron Brooks Williams is stepping into the breach to help us out alongside the lovely Myke Clifford.


As Dave and Kate are on holiday we need someone to stand in on the door to help gorgeous Sue take the money. Anyone available?


We have a change of date in December. We are swapping with the folk club so Milkmaid Blues will now be on 1st December. This is because another one of our Patrons Anthony John Clarke is playing the folk club on the 8th.


When I started this endeavour, I was really pleased with the response I received from you folks and got quite excited about how the club with your input was going to evolve.

Sadly, we have had some communication problems as well as a lack of rehearsal space. This has caused me some concern and some of you have talked about dropping out of the team. I’d like you to reconsider doing this because I count every one of you an important part of Milkmaid Blues.


There was bound to be teething problems and combined with my recent health problems caused some misunderstanding around the House Band.

I am actively seeking a venue to have a weekly rehearsal (Sundays) even if we must pay for it. The Con Club cannot commit to every Sunday because of private functions and they also want to charge us for borrowing their PA, which I find extraordinary as The Milkmaid has been bringing in thousands of pounds into their club since 2005.


One day the station property will be finished so we won’t have this problem.


Sam is my assistant in running Milkmaid Blues and he has had some problems emailing but I believe this is fixed now. He is responsible for organising the setting up and taking down of the room and liaising with you regarding rehearsal times.


I would like all you musicians who came on board at the beginning to have a greater say in how we organise Milking The Blues. We said at the beginning it would be a mix and match band, mainly because of other commitments, which is fair enough!


I’d like us to think of having a kind of ‘Big Band’ scenario where you collectively are all involved. You elect a band leader between you and work out the programmes and a set list. This way you all have a say in materials, style and line ups.

I’d appreciate your comments both positive and negative on this. You are the Milkmaid Blues supporters and I value your input. I want us to have a successful time with Milkmaid Blues. The easy bit is booking artists, the hardest is to get a team together with the right feelings for what we are trying to do. The most difficult of all is to get the community to become regular attendees but with your help, ideas and talents I’m sure Milkmaid Blues will become a must go to event.


I’d like to call another get together and go through all this properly. There was only Sam, Pete and Dave at last week’s meeting and that makes it difficult to plan without proper input from you all.


Martin Kaszak from Cambridge has agreed to come on board which is fantastic. Some of you probably know him as he’s been on the Cambridge Blues scene a long time now. He also is often committed with bookings so won’t be at every event.


We’ve got some great artists coming up and I hope we can organise MTB to give us some fabulous support for these gigs.


It goes without saying we'd love to see the room heaving with Blues fans so start reseving tickets now!

Love and kisses



1st August 2017





Milkmaid adds Artheads to the family


The Bury St Edmunds based Milkmaid organisation, which provides musical and artistic opportunities and activities for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and for people with learning difficulties and mental health issues has adopted another local group.


Artheads, which supports people recovering from alcohol and substance abuse through art and music, and has a base at the Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, will now come under the Milkmaid umbrella.


Artheads previously had charitable status, but this has been wound up so that the group can officially become part of the Milkmaid Community Interest Company.


CIC managing director, Terry Walden said: ‘This is a great move for the Milkmaid as it allows us to expand our support for people with mental health issues. Artheads was struggling financially so we were particularly pleased to be able to step in to avoid possible closure, as this was far too important a group to let go. Now we believe the change in the management set up will help bring stability and a new energy to everyone involved.’


The Milkmaid is taking over the lease on the basement at the Leisure Centre and the plan is to make greater use of the resource with added art, creative writing, music and drama projects.


Artheads, which will now be known as Milkmaid Artheads, currently has around forty members who have free use of the group’s musical instruments and recording equipment. And new members are always welcome.



Terry added: The Milkmaid Mindset music group and the Artshead music group will merge but apart from that there will be no major changes creatively or artistically, except that it means a better and fuller service for all our users.


‘The Milkmaid’s whole ethos is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people in trying to build a life that is both fulfilling and rewarding through the joy of music, art and performance. Everyone at the Milkmaid and at Artheads is looking forward to this new phase in our development.’










5th December 2017


Unfortunately due to poor audiences The Milkmaid Blues Club is suspended while we decide to close it or continue in a much smaller way! Thank you to those who did support us We thought having a regular Blues evening once a month bringing in internationally and nationally known performers would be popular but we were proved wrong!

We'll anounce our decision shortly.